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Welcome to our website! We are so happy that we have this platform to be able to share information about our upcoming reunions and events.

First things, first...

TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THE WEBSITE! Don't assume that just because folks might be on Facebook- that they are actually getting ANY information about the reunion. Your FB followers only see 5% of what is posted. So assume 2 people see each post made to the Facebook page. This is why it is so important to SUBSCRIBE to this website. Because 100% of the people who subscribe will receive an email with all the information they need.

Share this post, give them a call, send a text, reach out via social media. Let our family know this website is live! :)

It's Right Around the Corner.

The next Reunion will be taking place at Carlos Town Hall in Carlos, MN. Dates are July 28th-30th of 2023.

All of the information we have is currently posted on the website.

If you have more info that you would like on here, ideas for things to do, or see how you can participate and help out... send us an email at

Can't wait to see you this summer!

More information as we have it, will be sent out via email and updated on the website. So make sure you subscribe :)

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